"The King in Martial Arts Training"



This is especially helpful when enrolling a young child into our program. We want to earn your trust teaching your child and feel that signing a contract to fulfill payment obligations is not appropriate when being at our school for such a short period of time. Also, we have many military families at our school and they sometimes move. Having a contractual agreement can get in the way of students participating in classes.

Separate Adult and Children's Classes

Many schools have adults training with children in all of their classes. We feel that this can sometimes dilute the way the curriculum is presented to the student. We do have Saturday classes for all ages but they are reserved for family members. They are taught as children's classes. Even though the curriculum is the same for adults as it is for children the way we teach the classes is VERY different. 

A Novice Only Class for Children

Most schools have a huge mixture of ranks in their classes which can lead to confusion and inefficient instruction. Our classes are structured so that one instructor should have no problem teaching the class. 


Many schools choose to "cash in" on the current trend of picking up children from school and transporting them to their martial arts school. While this is a good idea to some extent it usually dilutes the program to center around the after school program. In short, the attention/technique of the student suffers and the revenue of the school increases.

Affordable Rates

As we mentioned before, we do not have contractual agreements. This means all of our billing is done "in house", which means we do not pass the expense of having a billing company onto you the customer. 

Stellar Curriculum

At Royal Martial Arts you will be pleased to hear that we are not just teaching one style of martial arts, but are incorporating many different facets from other effective arts. We are also proud of our extensive Black Belt curriculum. This is something that is near extinct at other schools. Our Black Belt Class is generally our most attended class.  Black Belts have their own designated class at Royal Martial Arts.

No Federations

The Royal Martial Arts traditional martial arts curriculum is exclusive to our school. You will not learn this specialized curriculum anywhere but here! 

Authentic MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Many local schools advertise that they teach MMA in their schools but have no experience in the actual sport. They are using MMA to market their school to a broader customer base. We currently have amateur and professional competitors, both male and female, with multiple title holders. 

More Training Space

Most of our facility is dedicated to training space. We have mats and mirrors which are essential for safety and learning. We also have clean and safe martial arts equipment. You will not find dangerous gym equipment scattered everywhere. We have a martial arts school, not an exercise gym. 

Inviting Atmosphere

While other martial arts schools in the area have uncomfortable benches and seating areas for their spectators, Royal Martial Arts has reclining couches, a homework area for kids, and many windows with natural light coming into the school. A comfortable atmosphere is essential to the learning process as well.